Garden Groomer
garden groomer

Saves You Time, Money, and Trouble!

  • No more bending, raking, bagging, or hauling! The Garden Groom®
    is a garden trimmer that cuts, shreds, and collects clippings all at
    once – saving you time and trouble!

    Dual-Edge Stainless Steel Blade cuts hedges and bushes at the rate of
    57,000 times a minute

    Powerful shredding action reduces clippings to 1/10th of original size

    Vacuum vortex sucks clippings into the on-board storage bin. Simply empty
    the bin in the garden for fertile composting mulch, or put right into the trash!

  • Ultra-lightweight and easy to handle for everyone, including
    women and seniors
  • Powerful 300-Watt Motor lets the Garden Groom® trim hedges
    like a hot knife through butter
  • “Goof-Proof” Design for professional results – stop paying
    landscapers hundreds, even thousands of dollars when you can
    use the Garden Groom® as a yard trimmer, to get hedges that
    look like a million bucks!

Unmatched Safety and Ultimate Convenience

  • Concealed blade for incredible safety – Protects you
    from accidental injury, and makes it almost impossible to
    cut the power cord.
  • Dual-handle controls unintended start-up
    or shut-off for added safety
  • “Clean” electric power – no messy, smelly oil or gas
    mixtures … just plug it in and go!

Technologically Advanced and Incredibly Durable

  • It’s the future of high-tech trimming! Backed by 11 worldwide patents
  • Built to last for years and years... The Garden Groom® is constructed of tough, contractor-grade materials that make it virtually indestructible

The Garden Groom garden trimmer is a revolutionary machine that simplifies the way you can maintain a lovely landscaped yard. The rotary blades make it the best bush trimmer and yard trimmer available. Simple to operate and lightweight to keep the chore of trimming easy, the Garden Groom is celebrated as the best hedge trimmers for home use.

When using the Garden Groom as a bush trimmer, the shredded material is kept in the onboard container to keep the yard tidy after use. When choosing garden trimmers, the Garden Groom's versatility makes it the perfect choice for easy home landscaping with a professional result.

BONUS #1: With this handy set of tools, use the weed claw to break up and clear away weeds and the tilling tool for tilling soil and digging holes for planting trees and installing garden lights. It's a must have for everyone! (just pay S&P)

BONUS #2: Mega Bag ($50 Value!): This high-capacity attachment lets you trim and bag a whole yard’s worth of clippings (up to 500 square feet) without stopping!